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Once in a while, an artist comes along who does not follow the rules.
Independent, pure, provocative and sincere, An artist that is not bent
on trends and vocal theatrics. An artist that has experienced what
she expresses through lyric and melody. Real, solid, wholesome
music is almost a thing of the past, but Lovette and other artists like 
her, hold on to the integrity of originality and spirituality that timeless 
music demands. Far from mainstream, Lovette serves as a beacon
to all independent artists,and they can see it's ok to do thier own
thing,but keep it real.  Lovette loves creating music and she keeps it

All of our original songs featured on Anyonetime.com, Jango Airplay, Broadjam, and Indie Music, are now available on the CD entitled, "If We Believe In Love". Please allow 3-5 days shipping (US only). Please contact us for shipping details if ordering from outside the US.

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New, original design by Johntay/Lorson. These are exclusive to this site. 1st inaugural Obama sweatshirt. Center logo spells Obama's name.  This is a very durable silk screen transfer.  Sizes from medium to 4x. Colors are black, white, grey, maroon and navy with black logo on light colors. Pricing from $19.99 small and medium, $21.99 large and extra large, $23.99 for 2X and 3X, and $25.99 for 4X.  Free shipping in continental USA.  Please contact us for shipping details if ordering from outside the US.

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